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I partner with leaders to fast track development, performance and growth to maximize impact. I meet them where they are at and explore who they need to be and how to get there, within the systems that they operate in.

Together we identify specific goals, determine solutions and develop plans of action to reach the desired outcomes. We form “thought partnerships” where clients can decompress, make sense of their experiences and determine the cognitive, emotional and most importantly, behavioral adjustments required to learn, develop and perform in increasingly complex situations.

The work takes time, 6 months to a year. Change is a non-linear, disruptive process and it’s usually hard, that’s why so many people remain habituated, engaging in familiar behaviors, even when they no longer serve them well. To increase the behavioral repertoire of clients, a relationship of trust and accountability must be established, then solutions can be co-created to move the client into action toward their goals. We experiment, seek support and guidance, iterate and celebrate success & “failure” equally, until new ways of being are cemented and clients develop more nuanced perspectives and effective behaviors in a wider range of settings.

I’m currently partnering with corporate clients in the United States and Asia Pacific, mainly in the technology sector. I work remotely so physical distance is no barrier. I often coach leaders who need to adjust to changing circumstances and/or to increase their impact, people managers honing their craft and high potentials on steep growth trajectories.

I have worked with people trying to make change for some 20 years now and apply best practices that are underpinned by research and a robust evidence base.

Please reach out with any questions. If you would like to talk with a current or prior client then I will put you in touch.

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