What is Leadership Coaching?

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What is Leadership Coaching?

The essence of effective Leadership Coaching is of a “thought partnership” between Leader and Coach that drives the Leader intentionally towards their goals and away from derailing behaviors. At the heart of the partnership is trust. My approach is to develop a respectful, trusting and collaborative relationship, a resonant relationship, with my clients so they can consciously make choices that are aligned with what is necessary to move forward and attain their goals and vision. Prepare to be stretched and challenged.

Specifically Glenn Duhigg Coaching is;

  • A solution focused, fast tracked, dynamic thought partnership cultivated between the Leader & Coach that focuses the Leader on actions to best meet their goals.
  • A reflective practice that develops awareness of strengths and then facilitates goal attainment, thereby increasing self-efficacy and potential.
  • An individualized learning process that structures practice, feedback and accountability to ensure that implemented strategies have maximum positive impact and that derailing behaviors are identified and addressed.
  • A dialogical process that values and respects the agency of the Leader and to that end the Coach is a facilitator of learning through coaching. The Coach guides the development process, asking powerful questions of the Leader to elicit awareness, conscious choice and experimentation.
  • An investment in talent development that builds motivation, engagement and organizational commitment.
  • Routinely transformational for the Leader and the network of people they interact with including customers, employees and the community.

What are the benefits of Performance & Leadership Coaching?

Coaching provides a secure place to decompress, vent, unload, think, process, connect, re-evaluate, understand, resolve, decide and commit to action. The process enables;

  • Increased effectiveness, productivity and performance.
  • Integration of multiple perspectives to create solutions to complex challenges.
  • Clarity of purpose and focused decision making capacity.
  • Development of authentic leadership presence.
  • Transformation of conflict into collaboration.
  • Greater self-awareness of triggers and how to respond productively.
  • Improved key working relationships & more effective teamwork.
  • Increased resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks.
  • Greater satisfaction, integration, balance & energy at work and at home.
  • Transformation of relationships that ripples out across the ecosystem.
  • Increased motivation and retention.

What do you base your Coaching Process on?

Evidence based research and practice. Glenn Duhigg Coaching works because of the theoretical base upon which it is built and my whole career working with people at challenging pivot points in their lives. I am most interested in solution focused coaching and the creation of compelling stretch goals. My practice is based on;

  • Best practices derived from emerging evidence based research into coaching.
  • The latest research findings derived through Affiliate Membership of The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital.
  • Professional standards as a Member of The International Coaching Federation.

I draw upon theory that has been researched to base my coaching interventions on. My areas of interest include Self-Determination Theory, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, Intentional Change Theory, Strengths Based Approaches (Positive Psychology) and Goal Focused Approaches (Cognitive Behavioral Solution Focused).

What is your Coaching Process?

It is my core belief that your people, the situations they are facing right now and the ecosystem in which they operate are all unique. To best meet your specific needs Glenn Duhigg Coaching is customizable to ensure the best possible working alliance and fit. Our process is;

  • We would partner to determine the most critical coaching objectives. In organizational settings this usually involves contracting with the sponsor of the coaching, usually a senior leader and/or HR.
  • Once the arrangements were in place the Leader may undertake a character strengths assessment. This is free. The results of the assessment would then be debriefed in a meeting between the Leader and Coach to determine the Leader’s signature strengths and goals for the coaching.
  • I would then recommend whether it would be useful to conduct 360 degree feedback or commence coaching sessions. 360 feedback is sought in the majority of coaching assignments.
  • If feedback was to be sort, again I would custom design the feedback tool and interview the agreed upon stakeholders and prepare a report to be shared with the Leader.
  • Next we would collaborate on a Development Plan to focus on 2-3 coaching priorities with a maximum of 3-5 specific actions for each priority.
  • Once the Plan has organizational approval, we commence individual coaching sessions that focus on exploring options for leadership development and learning opportunities in the workplace based on the Plan. Standard length and cadence are 1 hour duration delivered weekly or bi-monthly. Delivery can be in person, over the phone or on video conferencing platforms. Again the specifics are all co-designed in partnership to meet your specific needs.
  • A round of feedback would be sought, usually at the midpoint and/or endpoint, either by the Leader themself or by the Coach to determine the impact of behavior change and goal attainment.
  • Upon completion of the coaching sessions a review meeting takes place to examine the level of goal attainment, behavior change and what areas are emerging for future self-directed learning.

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